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i’m srsly considering deactivating this blog idk

but well


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i’ll change my tags, so if there’s someone visiting my blog and looking for some posts and can not find, don’t worry and ask if you want to

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Hey guys 

My computer is broken so im here by my cell phone, and i tried to edit with some apps that i have here, so if it is not good, sorry :(

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i’m loving see the replys about my follow forever, like ‘this made my day’ or ‘this mean a lot to me’ or ‘we all really appreciate this’ and things like that, because it means i made you guys happy and i just love it! it makes me feel better, useful. and it is also considered to my followers, srsly guys, i love you and i care a lot about all of you. 

Crying Gif

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well… night guys

i love you all ♥

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It’s snowing on my dash 


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i gotta go to college and when i come back i’ll change this theme that i hate so much. And i apologize for this confusion :(

love ya <3

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i can’t find a good theme

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sorry for disappear these days

i missed you guys :(

but i’m back 


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Status: Waiting Andrew and Emma get married and have kids 

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